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The Occasional Rant – The “Friend-Zone” – 28 April 2012

28 Apr

The Friend-Zone. It’s that dark place we go when someone that we desire has the gall to say that they “just want to be friends”. Or even worse, you have never told this person how you feel and they have the nerve not to be a mind reader. 

Bullshit, right?

Recently, I’ve read this article – and it has me thinking about this whole friend-zone issue, and I feel the need to go on a rant of my own about this. 

When I was younger, I would watch TV shows and movies in which male characters somehow end up being friends with their love interests and we have to watch in pain as our poor male protagonists lose to some jock or a guy who owns a motorcyle. I would always feel bad for the guy and say things along the lines of “Why doesn’t she love him? He’s so sweet!” 

And of course, that kind of thinking lead to me dating guys just because they were “oh so sweet” to me. Like my first boyfriend. He let me borrow his Assassin’s Creed games – which I am still soooo glad he did, because I feel in love with the series. He was kind to my mom and little brother and did all of the typical nice guy things. I wasn’t attracted to him, I was attracted to his best friend. But he was so darn nice to me , I accepted his offer when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Another guy that I sort’ve had a thing with was, once again, someone that I was not particularly attracted to. But he was cute enough, he was tall, and he liked me. He was nice to me and was always there for me. So I tried to force attraction this kid, lied to myself until I actually believed that I had feelings for him, and once that happened – he crushed me. 

The point I’m trying to get at is that it is never good to force yourself to be with someone that you don’t like just because they are nice to you. This isn’t an issue of attraction, either. I didn’t really have a compatible personality with any of these boys at all. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give guys that show interest a chance, it’s more of a warning about feeling trapped with someone just because they were nice to you.

I’ve also been in the friend-zone, usually self-inflicted because I am always too nervous to ask people out. And yes, I’ve felt it hard to talk guys that I like through their relationship troubles. And I’ve had that guy friend that I felt like it hurt having him come over to my house just to play video games or to have him sit next to me without being able to hold his hand. The fact of the matter is, I got over it. It might feel like it hurts, but you have only two options – keep this person around and letting a potentially beautiful friendship bloom from it or saving yourself the potential pain of being around this person that you can’t be with. He or she may eventually decide that they do like you back, but you have no right to try to pester someone into dating you. 

Relationships are unpredictable and finding the right person can take some time! So chill, money!

– P.S., share your opinions on the dreaded friend-zone in the comments, loves!

Kai xxx


Sick Sick Sick – 21 April 2012

26 Apr


Yeah, I don’t know what it is. Allergies? Well, these are some killer allergies. Change in weather? That’s just a myth, I’m sure. Yeah, must be a cold. Whatever the case, I am coughing up my lungs and it feels as though I’ve been punched in the throat or something. Oi! So, why not use this as an opportunity to share my five favorite ways to deal with/get over it when you’re down with the sickness. Ah!

# 1 Television. Hours and hours of it.


Definitely gonna hit up Netflix to watch Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

Yeah, normally watching television shows for hours can be a bit of a guilty pleasure. “I’ve got loads of stuff to do.” “The laundry!” “The dishes!” “Errands!” “Bleh!” Honey, you’re sick! Your body is too feeble and weak to do all of that, now please go and catch up on Community. Or even discover a new show! Cuddle up with your remote and watch the first two seasons of Archer on Netflix. And if you don’t want a comedy, USA is always showing Burn Notice. Always.

# 2 Warm Liquids


I’m just going to take a second to inform you that Japan has green tea flavored Kit-Kat bars.

Does this sound wrong? Of course. But I didn’t know how else to describe this category. The top hot liquid for me to enjoy when I’m a Sicky Chicy (I know that was bad =_=) is tea! Green tea, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea are my top three! And there’s the concoction that my southern momma has been giving me since I was a lil’ sweet tea. You take the juice of a lemon and heat it up, I guess it’s sort of like a lemon tea or a warm lemonade. The warm lemon juice is sweetened with honey (mmmm) and a little bit of gin is added. When I was little, I just thought it was yummy and felt badass for being allowed to drink gin. Now that I’m older, I realize that lemon juice and honey are good for colds and the gin must’ve just been to make me sleepy…

# 3 A Warm, Steamy Shower


Stock photo of a handsome man who is delighted to take a shower. Delighted.

Yep. Not only does it clear the sinuses, but the shower is a great place to think. And for an aspect of colds that isn’t so commonly discussed, it’s perfect. That aspect is how disgusting I ( or we – yes, I speak for us all) feel when I have a cold. Always hacking stuff up, sleeping in piles of my own snot, that moment when you’re deep into the cold and you don’t even care about wiping globs of mucus on to your hands. Ah, visuals! Bask in them! Point is, sometimes the shower is the only place I feel clean when I’ve got the sickies.

# 4 Finding Creative Ways to Dress


I’d be looking like this. No, not like Jessica Alba, I’d look like Rudolph in Jessica Alba’s clothing

I think it’s because of my low self-esteem, but I’ve never really been a sweatpants and hoodies type of girl. When my mom dressed me, it was straight up Toddlers and Tiaras. Once I started dressing myself, I had reached the ugly duckling phase of my life. I figured, “Well, I can’t control my face being ugly, but I can at least look presentable through fashion!” So now I dress up everywhere, all the time. Never over-dressed, just always trying. Colds get no exception. So the problem for me is, how do I dress in a way that feels like I’ve said “Eff it, I’m sick” without looking like “eff it, I’m sick”? I usually solve this with leggings and a cute top. Oh yeah, and clothes that complement my flushed tone and red nose ;_;


It’s in all caps because we all scream for ice cream. Seriously, nothing feels better when you have a sore throat. See ya, I’m about to get some cookiesn’cream ice cream. Mmmm ❤

;_; 22 April 2012

22 Apr

Hey there, Sailors~

Just letting you all know…the daily post from yesterday will be posted either later today or tomorrow. I was almost finished with it! Finito! Fin! Donezo! And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere…I spilled beer on the keyboard. Ugh. I should know that I am too much of a klutz to have an opened can near my keyboard, but meh. The damage has been done! I was literally on the last sentence of the blog post when, Whoop! beer errewhere! My tears also weren’t enough to wash away the beer. And I have to go home today…crap! Children, let this be a lesson to you…underage drinking is wrong! If I wanted to drink at the age of 19, I should have traveled 45 minutes to get to Canada.

– Okay, let me try again to clean up my laptop. If you have any hints or advice for me, leave ’em in the comments.

Kai xxx

My Thoughts on Spring/Summer 19 April 2012

19 Apr

Hey Y’all!

Spring is in the air! I was outside today in my flats and aviators, honeys were laying out in the sun, the jocks were playing frisbee. Even after such a mild winter, I am so excited for spring! Because the weather is so nice, I am going to share ten pieces that I want/hope to incorporate into my wardrobe this spring and summer.

#1 Sheer, Collared Shirts…like this one from Forever 21


# 2 Cute, But Still Badass Dresses Like This One..

# 3 Statement Sunglasses Like These…

# 4 Hot Ass Wedges Like These Bebes


# 5 Schweet Ass Nerd Tees Like This Avengers Tee From Mighty Fine


# 6 Pinstriped Undies Like This Set From H&M


# 7 Sexy Thigh-High Tights Like These From H&M


# 8 White Skinny Jeans


# 9 Vintage Jumpers


# 10 Bright Yellow Like This H&M Bag


– Sew Stylish, Right? 😛

Kai xxx

18 April 2012

19 Apr

Hello, hello! 

I started writing this at 11:56, so it still counts for today 😛 So anyway, today was another super-sicky day. I am sooooo done with being sick. I saw my crush today while I was looking sex and raggedy today. I just ran. Then I saw my evil ex and I also ran. I ran and dress rode up, so I walked around with my butt out. @_@ Oh what a day! I think I may die from the sicky and the running. Jesus H. Christ! Well, I’m going to go and hibernate. Bye.

– Pray for me, people!

Kai xxx

17 April 2012

17 Apr

To be honest, I feel like such crap today. I have a major headache, a sore throat, and a cough. So, no post for tonight. Maybe I’ll just post the Friday the 13th entry from my sex diary. Hahaha. Not likely. 

– Sorry, guys 😦

Kai xxx

I’m Baaaaaaack! 16 April 2012

16 Apr

Hello there! 

This post isn’t going to be too long, but I just wanted you all to know that I didn’t die…my computer did. I just had to restore it to factory settings @_@. So now I’m just dealing with that. Tomorrow you will get a full blog post explaining the shenanigans that I have been getting myself into. But for now, I’m just saying “hello”.


– It also doesn’t help that I’m sick as a dog.

Kai xxx