Late Daily Post – 02 April 2012

3 Apr

Hola, Internetz!

Nothing much for today. I went to class. It was Michael Fassbender’s birthday. And I watched Videodrome. I had heard about the movie from a few different sources, but never got around to watching it until today. And what’s good with no one telling me that my lady-crush, Deborah Harry, was in the film!? After watching the movie, I was weirdly reminded of the premise of A Serbian Film. Videodrome manages to portray a world of filth and desensitization in a far more…civilized way that A Serbian Film does, but that’s not to say that the film doesn’t have it’s disturbing moments. Growing up in a time of CGI and stunning graphics, one can become jaded and might think that ’80s gore isn’t effective. Luckily, I am pretty well educated in horror and even if I weren’t, the images in Videodrome will please most horror fans and shock those who typically enjoy more tame movies. Most people my age would say “but that movie is old!” Well, suck it up, youngsters! This movie is well worth watching. Not to give too much a way, but the film’s visual metaphors for desensitization are just…perfect! By the end of the film, James Woods’ character has become something entirely unhuman – all from watching and enjoying scenes of violence and sexual deviance. But wait…this is a horror film…snap! Videodrome just read me…and it’s entire intended audience. It really makes you think – as a horror fan – what am I becoming when I say that something isn’t violent or isn’t shocking enough? It probably won’t stop me from watching violent movies and playing violent video games. But it really does make me think. And isn’t it supposed to be the thought that counts? 

– Long live the new flesh!   …It’s a quote from the film

Kai xxx


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