Nothing Exciting Ever Happens on a Tuesday. 03 April 2012

3 Apr

Hey Y’all!

It’s Tuesday, I’m exhausted, and I have no idea why I greeted you all in Paula Deen form. But anywho, there isn’t much to talk about today. I just spent the majority of my day alone. Of course I’ve physically been around other people and I’ve had human interaction, but nothing of significance. It’s times like this that I wish I could stop being such a little pansy and just ask the guy I like – let’s call him “Bob” from now on – out on a date or something! I mean, we’re different in a lot of ways – I’m a nerd and he isn’t – but we get along really well, I already know that he is attracted to me, and I’m just crazy over him. And besides, who wants to date a clone of themselves? If I dated someone exactly like me, well, we wouldn’t date because we’d both be too shy to ever start anything and if one of us magically got some courage, we’d both be too busy hiding our emotions to ever have a healthy relationship. I need a cool guy like Bob who would pull me out of my shell. I used to be that girl who said that she would never date a guy who started off as my friend, but I’m starting to change my perspective on things, a little bit.


– Sorry for the whiny post today! :/

Kai xxx


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