Hey, Thursday! 05 April 2012

5 Apr

What up, playas?

Well, first of all, I can’t promise that I won’t ever greet you guys by saying “what up, playas” ever again. Because I will. Often. There isn’t really much going on with me. Just doing school work and I look a hot mess for the sake of beauty right now. The purple, flexi-rod curlers in my hair make me look like Marvel’s villain, Galactus. My skin is covered in olive oil right now so that I will be soft to the touch. And to top it all off, I have white globs of toothpaste all over my face in hopes to dry out some of these pimples I’ve been rocking. It’s hilarious, when you think about it. *insert .gif of me saying “The shit we do for beauty, right Ladies?”* But hey, I am going to see “Bob” later. Later as in, tomorrow. And it is YET ANOTHER themed party. :/ But last Friday’s theme – horrendously named “King Tuts and Egyptian Sluts” – was easy for me to dress up and look “alluring” for. This Friday’s theme is “Hispter hip-stir” (clever, *rolls eyes*). I don’t even know how to begin to try and dress for that O_O Wah! Oh well, that just means I get to impress “Bob” with my charm, rather than just my…um…I don’t know. Now, my Sega Genesis is calling to me! And I have to answer when my baby calls ;P

– Stay Frosty!

Kai xxx


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