So…Sleepy…(Let’s Pretend it’s 06 April 2012)

7 Apr

Hey, People!

Yeah, I know that I SAID I was going to post everyday and I screwed that up relatively early, but let’s pretend that we’re all time travelers, yeah? I’ll do another post later on today, but Peezus Christ, I just could not find the time to blog yesterday between essay writing and having a life ;P So now, I am sitting here, semi-hungover, attempting to blog whilst I wait for my coffee. And pondering about my day as I look out the window. Tres cliche! Don’t worry, since this is such a boring post, I’ll do a top ten of something later on in the day. As for right now, I suppose I’ll just give you my reflections on yesterday…I mean today. I forgot that we time traveled.

Ah, the 6th of April! I spent you huddled up in a corner of my bed writing about William Wordsworth’s poetry. Wait…is that it? I spent the ENTIRE day working on Wordsworth? Well, I did go to that party later on. The…um…hipster themed party. Here’s an overview of the party in the form of a bulleted list:

  • Hardly anyone dressed for the occasion, but I looked FANTASTIC. I felt like I should be one of those girls getting mad reblogs on tumblr, posing blowing blunt smoke out of my mouth with some weird camera effect that makes it look like I’m in outerspace.
  • “Bob” was flirting with me a little bit and it made me happy, but I hardly saw him since I was hanging with my girlfriend. I asked her to come with me, so I couldn’t have just abandoned her, right? Also…his guns looked schweet. As always. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….arms….what?
  • He Who Shall Not Be Named was there. Not Voldemort, but some prick that I just plain do not like. I think my eye daggers worked, because after the first time he tried to talk to me and I ran away, he got the point. 
  • Some kid puked all over the carpet and my friends were still trying to hang out in that room – gross, right?
  • I have the sinking suspicion that two of “Bob”‘s friends have crushes on me
  • Someone spilled a red jello shot all over my white shirt and it is currently in a Chi Phi bathroom waste basket.
  • After “Bob” left the party, I was miserable :/
  • I saw some guy try to initiate a threesome with one of my homegirls and his girlfriend. Led to much awkwardness and him fighting with his girlfriend in front of everyone O.o
  • I left with a group of homies, was going to go back to Bob’s house, but the guys I was going with said that they needed to have a “serious discussion”. Ugh.

Yeah, now I’m going to go and listen to Operation Ivy and skank around my dorm!

– Take warning! Take warning!

Kai xxx


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