Yeah, I’ve Definitely Skipped A Day – 09 April 2012

9 Apr

Hello, there!

I’m writing to you from the U of R library, and it honestly feels weird for me to be in a library. I hate doing work in areas in which I am forced to be silent, and since my laptop charger is at home, I have to use a desktop which, admittedly, feels quite foreign. It’s hard to do work when it feels like someone is constantly staring over your shoulder. Yes, they’ve got their own work to do…but maybe someone will get bored and glance over at my computer screen. At the exact moment that I decide to take a break from work and a wild gay porn .gif appears on my tumblr. dashboard, looming eyes will be staring directly over my shoulder. It’s a stupid fear. But it’s possible, dammit! I know, I promised you all a top ten post ages ago, but my laptop problems have been preventing me from doing anything. Not to mention that yesterday was Easter Sunday! We made a deliciously, delectably, cheesy baked ziti with a side salad – no breadsticks or garlic bread, it was a bummer but I suppose I don’t need the extra carbs and calories blah blah blah. So, yes, successful Easter dinner! I even played some Mario Kart 64, couldn’t weasle my little brother out of the Xbox 360, so I just had a Marvel Movie Marathon. Not the best movies, though – Ghost Rider II, Captain America, Iron Man II. The only one that really sucked was Ghost Rider II. But it’s Johnny Blaze! And Nicolas Cage! AND MARVEL! So, I won’t hate on it too hard. But it came out when everyone was excited for Avengers, Marvel kinda knew that they didn’t have to try with this one – and it shows =_=. I watched Captain America for the second time, it still had the right amount of action, humor, gratuitous patriotism, and Chris Evans man-boobs that made me fall in love the first time. Wasn’t perfect, but how good do we actually expect an intro super-hero film to be, right? I am a huge Avengers/Iron Man fan, but sadly…I watched Iron Man 2 for the first time last night. Yes, I said it. Don’t kill me! But I loved it! Naturally, it wasn’t as good as the first one. And War Machine pissed me off – not just because Don Cheadle didn’t do his best acting in this film. But there was the same asshole Tony Stark that we all know and love, the intro of Black Nick Fury and Natasha Romonov to set up for the Avengers, and lots of classic rock…this time with more CLASH! Y’all don’t even know how I love The Clash. They’re the only band that matters. At one point, I was – almost – too busy jammin’ to “The Magnificent Seven” to actually pay attention to the film. The action was 100% up to par, but we have to remember – Iron Man 2, Captain America, and *ugh* Thor were all essentially warm-ups for the Avengers. After all of those comic book films, I am SUPER PUMPED for the Avengers next month. Midnight showing, here I come, I come, I come!


– I’ve Just Typed “The Avengers” So Many Times…It’s Starting to Look Weird O_O

Kai xxx


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