Say Anything… 11 April 2012

11 Apr

Hello there! 

The title of this post is “Say Anything” because, I SAW THEM LIVE LAST NIGHT! Sorry for the all-caps, but I have loved those boys since 2005, and I have been waiting for this day for years! It was everything that I hoped it would be and well worth the long walk in the rain and the long wait in line. Max’s wife came out and performed for one song and  they played – almost – every song that I wanted to hear. It was a long shot, but I really wanted to hear their cover of “Got Your Money”. *le sigh*. But they played “Shiksa”, “Property”, “So Good”, “Alive with the Glory of Love”, “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too”, “A Walk Through Hell”, “Every Man Has a Molly” and more of my favorites. Minus my jam, it was the perfect Say Anything setlist. The most fun to sing was definitely “I Hate Everyone”. Yes. Just…unf! And members from the three opening bands kept getting on stage through everyone else’s sets and dancing and singing along…so fun! The show was so good! So good! Max Bemis is an awesome teddy bear and I am so glad that I have finally gotten to see him live! Woo!

-You look so good tonight! You look so good tonight!

Kai xxx


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