Sick Sick Sick – 21 April 2012

26 Apr


Yeah, I don’t know what it is. Allergies? Well, these are some killer allergies. Change in weather? That’s just a myth, I’m sure. Yeah, must be a cold. Whatever the case, I am coughing up my lungs and it feels as though I’ve been punched in the throat or something. Oi! So, why not use this as an opportunity to share my five favorite ways to deal with/get over it when you’re down with the sickness. Ah!

# 1 Television. Hours and hours of it.


Definitely gonna hit up Netflix to watch Comedy Central’s Workaholics.

Yeah, normally watching television shows for hours can be a bit of a guilty pleasure. “I’ve got loads of stuff to do.” “The laundry!” “The dishes!” “Errands!” “Bleh!” Honey, you’re sick! Your body is too feeble and weak to do all of that, now please go and catch up on Community. Or even discover a new show! Cuddle up with your remote and watch the first two seasons of Archer on Netflix. And if you don’t want a comedy, USA is always showing Burn Notice. Always.

# 2 Warm Liquids


I’m just going to take a second to inform you that Japan has green tea flavored Kit-Kat bars.

Does this sound wrong? Of course. But I didn’t know how else to describe this category. The top hot liquid for me to enjoy when I’m a Sicky Chicy (I know that was bad =_=) is tea! Green tea, chamomile tea, and peppermint tea are my top three! And there’s the concoction that my southern momma has been giving me since I was a lil’ sweet tea. You take the juice of a lemon and heat it up, I guess it’s sort of like a lemon tea or a warm lemonade. The warm lemon juice is sweetened with honey (mmmm) and a little bit of gin is added. When I was little, I just thought it was yummy and felt badass for being allowed to drink gin. Now that I’m older, I realize that lemon juice and honey are good for colds and the gin must’ve just been to make me sleepy…

# 3 A Warm, Steamy Shower


Stock photo of a handsome man who is delighted to take a shower. Delighted.

Yep. Not only does it clear the sinuses, but the shower is a great place to think. And for an aspect of colds that isn’t so commonly discussed, it’s perfect. That aspect is how disgusting I ( or we – yes, I speak for us all) feel when I have a cold. Always hacking stuff up, sleeping in piles of my own snot, that moment when you’re deep into the cold and you don’t even care about wiping globs of mucus on to your hands. Ah, visuals! Bask in them! Point is, sometimes the shower is the only place I feel clean when I’ve got the sickies.

# 4 Finding Creative Ways to Dress


I’d be looking like this. No, not like Jessica Alba, I’d look like Rudolph in Jessica Alba’s clothing

I think it’s because of my low self-esteem, but I’ve never really been a sweatpants and hoodies type of girl. When my mom dressed me, it was straight up Toddlers and Tiaras. Once I started dressing myself, I had reached the ugly duckling phase of my life. I figured, “Well, I can’t control my face being ugly, but I can at least look presentable through fashion!” So now I dress up everywhere, all the time. Never over-dressed, just always trying. Colds get no exception. So the problem for me is, how do I dress in a way that feels like I’ve said “Eff it, I’m sick” without looking like “eff it, I’m sick”? I usually solve this with leggings and a cute top. Oh yeah, and clothes that complement my flushed tone and red nose ;_;


It’s in all caps because we all scream for ice cream. Seriously, nothing feels better when you have a sore throat. See ya, I’m about to get some cookiesn’cream ice cream. Mmmm ❤


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