Summatime! – 16 June 2012

17 Jun

Hello, All!

Remember when I started this blog and was all “I’m going to post everyday! For the love of writing!” Well, my shitty laptop caused that plan to go south pretty quickly, but I kept it up for a while. And out of the blue…kaput! I was dealing with a nasty computer virus, and I don’t like blogging in the library, so I was an absentee for a bit.

But I am back! For good…hopefully! I will be back to posting everyday. Random musings and the occasional themed blog post are back! So, for now I will just tell you how my day went! My lovely friend, Lizzie, and myself decided to roam Downtown Rochester and the Park Ave area. The hipsters were out in full force and I applied to a cute little boutique on Park Ave. Hmmm…what other notable thing happened? Well, we went to Spot Coffee and saw three REAL LIVE GREASERS! You don’t understand, greasers and rockabillies are my people and they are straight up extinct in my city. I almost wanted to hug them, but I’m sure that they were already too hot in their leather jackets. I’d post the picture here, but I don’t want to post photos on the internet without permission @_@ (Yeah, I just an emoticon in a blog post…deal with it!) Inside of Spot, a really nice woman was working in there, when all of a sudden…some boy with tight Levi’s with cuffs at the bottom and nice stubble walks in and makes my shake. I was like “fuck the shake, let me have this guy!” Aaaand I actually caught him checking me out. We were mutually checking each other out…but no one freaking said anything! So wonderful, yet so frustrating! The only downside of today – aside from not getting Spot Coffee Cutie’s number – was the fact that every time Lizzie and I took five steps, we were at the mercy of cat-callers. I know it happens to pretty much every girl all the time, but it is sooo annoying. At one point, there were three guys who were all yelling “aye girl”s and “ayo ma”s and “sexy can I”s at me and I just wanted to fucking run. It is too hot for that shit, though.

So, I ended my day with some Max Payne 3 to get my aggression out :3

– Cheers! It’s so good to (figuratively) see you all again! ❤

Kai xxx


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