Special Father’s Day Post – 17 June 2012

18 Jun

Hello, everyone!

It’s almost 3 am and I’m sitting here just jamming to Beyonce’ and I completely forgot that I was supposed to be blogging everyday! So, let’s just pretend that it’s still the 17th. It may as well be!  Since it is Father’s Day here in the States, I am going to do a countdown of my Top Ten Fictional Fathers! Woo! (No Explainations Needed :P)

10 – Max Payne (Rockstar games’ Max Payne series)


9 –  Cameron and Mitchell (tie) (Modern Family)

8 – Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)


7 –  Odin (Norse Mythology, Marvel Comics)


6 – Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)

5 – John Marston (Rockstar games’ Red Dead Redemption)

4 – Darth Vader (Star Wars film series)

File:Darth Vader.jpg

3 – Tenzin (Nickelodeon TV show, The Legend of Korra)

2 – Magneto (Marvel Comics’ character)


1 – Scorpion (NetherRealm studios’ Mortal Kombat series, spin-offs, and movies)

Scorpion mkvsdc.jpg

*Bonus –

My least favorite fictional father is Marvel’s cigar smoking mutant, Wolverine. I don’t like him, he’s grumpy, not a team player, and doesn’t exactly have a relationship with his son (Daken)

Ted Mosby doesn’t make the list, because it’s taking him a million years to tell his children how he met their mother!

– Tell me in the comments who you’d put on your Top Ten and happy (belated) Father’s Day to the daddies!

Kai xxx

all pictures are taken from the Wikipedia pages of the respective characters. I don’t own any of the images or characters or anything associated with the characters. Blah, blah, blah you know this already, but I just had to say it.



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