My feelings on CoD and The abundance of sequels out there – 20 June 2012

20 Jun


As a – almost 20 year old – gamer who began gaming in the age of cartridges, I can’t help but to compare the games I grew up on to these new fangled games with their HD graphics and online play. Recently, I went on a facebook rant, referring to sequels in the gaming industry (specifically Call of Duty). Here’s a piece of that rant – enjoy!

“I can respect that opinion [my facebook friend’s notion that Call of Duty: Black Ops was a good game and all the CoD games afterwards were…subpar]. I think Black Ops is a bit overrated (Big Red One, FTW! Hahaha) But Activision knows that CoD is a guaranteed money-maker, so they are going to keep putting the games out without necessarily caring about the quality. I hate to show my age here, but when I was a kid (well, a younger kid lol) more innovative games could be made because they were cheaper to make. Now, games are not only more expensive to make, but more people are getting games used. It’s hard for developers to make money. People won’t take a chance buying a potentially bad game at full price, but if they see a new game in a series they love, they’ll preorder to get the new guns and costumes. The gaming industry is a mess right now.”

Sorry that I didn’t say this more intelligently, this was facebook, guys! But what I’m saying – in a nutshell – is that the video game industry is struggling. So it means we’re in for a looooong while of (crappy) sequels while story and innovation are tossed to the side for familiar titles and pre-order bonuses.

– Tell me what you guys think of this topic, maybe?

Kai xxx


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