My Favorite Accident 27 June 2012

28 Jun

I’ve pretty much given up on the one post per day format and decided to go with a more post whenever I can type deal. 

I guess I’ll just tell you for today’s post about a recent concert I went to. If you’re a fan, you can probably tell by the title of this post that I saw Motion City Soundtrack.

And let me tell you, I went through way too much bullshit to get to that show. I kind of found out about it at the last minute and had to rush home from a sleepover to get ready for the show. I checked online to try and find out about how much the tickets cost and about how many were left. And lo and behold, I see the words “SOLD OUT” in large, red letters. I was pissed. I took off my clothes and switched into sweats, took my eye makeup off and got comfy. As soon as I got settled into my bed, I see the promoter posted “More Motion City Soundtrack tickets have just been made available, so come down to Water Street Music Hall now!” I fucking jumped out of my bed and got re-dressed like my name was Pietro. Once I got there, there was a huuuge line, but my friend was there and I was able to cut. So lucky, and so…er…more lucky. I ended up in the wrong line and had to ask someone in the front of the ticket buying line to buy my ticket so I wouldn’t end up in the back. I had an anxiety attack in the center of the crowd – I’m claustrophobic – and I had to go puke. Couldn’t push through the crowd to get to my friend, but I ended up in the pit. It worked out, because the pit was more opened up and I could mosh and have fun without claustrophobia getting in the way. I usually get around the claustrophobia bit by being in the front and being there before the crowd gets large. That way, I don’t ever see how large the crowd is and I don’t freak out.

The Front Bottoms were the first to take the stage. I had seen them open for Say Anything… previously. I have to admit, I didn’t care for them the first time around. I had been waiting in the cold for hours and dealing with bullshit – nothing that wasn’t fronted by Max Bemis would have been enjoyable at that point. But at this show – I don’t know if they played better or I was in a better mood – they were perfect! I talked to the lead singer, Brian (I think it was), after the show and he was a sweetheart! We talked about crappy beer and traveling the world, it was great. I love having conversations with guys in bands. Not “OMG, you’re so hot” or “I love your music”. But going up to a lead singer and saying “Hey, I saw you drinking Genesee Beer, you look like a true Rochesterian” and that just leading to a conversation about real shit. At one point, I swore I was talking to a U of R kid or something. 

And then, there’s The Henry Clay People. It was their first time in Rochester and I must say they were pretty good. I had a conversation with their lead singer, Joey, after the show and I learned that we both have the same love of the Clash (“Finally! Someone that appreciates real music!” is what he said to me). He opened up to me and talked about his ex girlfriend who went to Stanford. Yeah, she’s a bitch and we don’t like her. We’re both and ends/beginnings in our lives. I’ll be twenty soon and I don’t know what to do and Joey will be thirty soon and he doesn’t know what to do. I wanted to buy an EP because he was so nice, but I was broke so he gave me one of the digital copies of the EP and a free can cozie. I could totally be friends with him.

I also have deep conversations with all of Motion City Soundtrack. They all loved my Foo Fighters shirt and we traded stories of our favorite concerts. I’m glad that I’ve gotten out of my groupie/fangirl stage and can appreciate a band’s music, but still talks to the musicians as though they are people rather than gods. MCS played some songs that I absolutely love – “Hold Me Down” was the most emotional for me – and left out some songs that I absolutely love – ahem, where were “This is For Real” and “Capital H”? – but overall the show was perfect.  

It had to be perfect because that was too much damn luck to be wasted on a crappy concert. 

– Kai xxx

“Hold Me Down” Motion City Soundtrack, Epitaph Records, 2006


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