Artist That I’m Digging Right Now – 05 August 2012

6 Aug

It’s a little late, yes. But the second monthly “Artist That I’m Digging Right Now” comes with a new format. Who doesn’t love new things?

Artist: Young the Giant

Super Short Bio: Founded in 2004 under the name The Jakes, the California band is currently comprised of Sameer Gadhia, Eric Cannata, Jacob Tilley, Francois Comtois, and Payam Doostzadeh. The band’s first single as Young the Giant was the wildly popular “My Body” and since then, they have toured with the likes of Minus the Bear and Incubus.

Why I’m Digging Them?: Sameer Gadhia is simply stunning. If you look at him, he just looks like a regular guy. Yes, he is attractive, but he looks and acts like someone you could know. Someone you could be friends with. Listening to The Jakes, you can hear that this is a band capable of commercial success, but they’ve got something…extra. And that something extra becomes something truly otherwordly as the Jakes evolved into Young the Giant. More mature subject matter in songs and music that can adequately showcase Gadhia’s more polished and soulful voice took a band that I heard a song from and liked, sacrificed it, and allowed it to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

I once said on Facebook something along the lines of “Young the Giant’s music is the aural equivalent of being wrapped in a cashmere sweater that’s my favorite shade of my favorite color” and I strongly stand by that statement. Some songs give the feel of comfort, others recall strong memories of frolicking on California beaches (and I’ve never even been to California) and what can I say…Young the Giant’s self-titled album is full of all types of warm and fuzzies. Regardless of the subject matter, you can feel Gadhia’s pain and then still be overcome with joy just because you get to hear his voice. And going to a Young the Giant concert is somewhere in between a religious experience and a fun bonfire on the beach with friends. I recall seeing Gadhia and Cannata bounce and flail about the stage while Doosztadeh, Tilley, and Comtois remained virtually in the same spot, concentrating on creating beautiful music. It was a sight that I definitely recommend seeing.

Five Songs You Need to Listen To:

  1. “Strings / Strings (Reprise)” Young the Giant, 2011
  2. “I Got” Young the Giant, 2011
  3. “Paid the Piper” Shake My Hand EP, 2008(as the Jakes)
  4. “Apartment” Young the Giant, 2011
  5. “Cough Syrup” Young the Giant, 2011

Also, definitely listen to the band’s In the Open sessions. So hauntingly beautiful and absolutely breath-taking.


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