What the Hell, LA Weekly? – 24 Aug 2012

24 Aug

Hello Internet!

I’m just going to admit this from jump – I am a huge Black Keys fan. I would punch a baby in the face for a chance to see them live. So, when I noticed that drummer Patrick Carney’s tweet criticizing this LA Weekly article, I pretty much guessed that I would hate the article because as a fan, I am more inclined to siding with the band.

After reading the article, I noticed two things. The first being, apart from the scathing remarks on The Black Keys – I almost agree with every opinion stated in the article. The second thing I noticed was that this sounded less like a legitimate piece of news journalism and more like some angsty music snob’s tumblr post. All it this amounts to is a case of jumping on the “I hate hipsters” bandwagon.

As much as I hate quoting myself, here’s my comment on the article from when I posted it on Facebook earlier –

Don’t get me wrong, I mostly agree with this list. And by “mostly”, I mean I will punch these fools in the face for the dig at the Black Keys. But what is the point of this article, really? You have to ask – what is the point of insulting these artists? For the most part, they haven’t really released any music lately. Also, most music fans have made up their minds on these artists already. Why randomly take a swing at Death Cab for Cutie? They aren’t on tour. And their last album came out over a year ago. I can most definitely understand that music journalists have a right to express their opinions and criticize bad and overly pretentious music. But taking shots out of the clear blue begins to sound like hating for the sake of hating.

But maybe I am just bitter about The Black Keys criticism. I don’t know. You guys can let me know what you think. In the mean time, let’s listen to some “posh cracker blues rock” and talk about how this guitarist is clearly “more concerned with beard grooming and disheleving his hair” *rolls eyes*.

Stay Cool, Hipsters.

– Kai xxx


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