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My Thoughts On – Bachelorette. 14 September 2012

14 Sep

[Here, there be (possible) spoilers!]

Okay, so I don’t usually do movie reviews on this blog, but I think it’s a good idea for me to start reviewing every movie I see for the first time. Because…why not?

And I am going to start with a movie that I decided to check out on a whim a few days ago – Bridesmaids. What? Oh, sorry, I meant Bachelorette. Alright, that joke was stupid. This movie is nothing like Bridesmaids. You expect it to be the same movie. I mean, they both have girls and bridesmaids and pre-wedding shenanigans. But I would say that it’s 2 parts Bridesmaids, 3 parts Mean Girls, and 5 parts The Hangover.

I’m just going to provide this disclaimer – I hate romantic comedies, or romantic movies in general. Knowing nothing about this movie going into it – aside from the title and most of the cast – I mentally prepared myself for an hour and a half of eye-rolling, “oh please”s, and maybe a few snickers in between.

In the first scene of the movie, Kristen Dunst’s Reagan is having lunch with her friend, Becky (played by Rebel Wilson). Becky has to frequently interrupt Reagan’s self-assuring rant to break the news that her boyfriend has proposed to her, prompting Reagan to form a grimace-like smile and utter through gritted teeth – “I’m so happy for you”. In that moment, I could tell that the movie was going to take a dark path. In these first five minutes of the film, it is clear what was going on here – Reagan, a blonde who is pretty and successful, is jealous – even furious – that her fatter friend who is not as traditionally attractive is going to be married before her. Reagan, the queen bee of her friend group has finally been beaten at something and she doe not like it one bit. I didn’t know how to react because to be honest…I have been there. And I was able to sympathize. And that was something that I definitely didn’t like.

The next main character, Gena (Lizzy Caplan) is introduced in bed with a hook-up from a night of shenanigans. She has smudged mascara and eyeliner all over her eyes, wakes up to a morning cigarette, and has disheveled black hair. Once she puts on one of the guy’s shirts and realizes that he is a Jack Johnson fan, Gena screams an obscenity at the realization that the guy she hooked up with is a loser. I could see a lot more of myself than I would like in Gena, the “slut” with a fuck-you attitude. 

And to round-out this trio is Katie (Isla Fisher). Katie is a gorgeous airhead who works and retail and “doesn’t understand what anyone is saying to her”. She is overly-cutesy and naive – aka that friend I have but don’t really like to well. A theme that is in the movie that I don’t understand, but I get. I have friends that annoy the shit out of me on a daily basis, I sometimes think that I am above them, but when it comes down to it – I would fight tooth and nail for them (kind of like Reagan in this movie).

And of course, all of the women have male counterparts that don’t exactly fit the traditional romantic interest roles.

For starters, there is Reagan’s counterpart, Trevor (played by the ultra-dreamy will forever be known as Cyclops in my eyes, James Marsden). Trevor is the asshole guy and basically every guy I have ever hooked up with, ever. He encourages his friends to take advantage of drunk girls and (mutually) uses Reagan for sex. His pursuit of Reagan is in no way romantic or swoon-worthy. He mentions to his guy friends that he would like to “smell that red snapper” in reference to Katie. When it is revealed that another of the guys has interest in Katie, he just shrugs and says “Well, what about the Maid of Honor? I’ll take her down.” After hearing numerous conversations between my guy friends and things that the guys I have hooked up with said to me, I realize this behavior is true of every freaking guy I know. I don’t hate Trevor, because like I have done, Reagan uses him to relieve some frustrations. And it’s over.

Gena’s male counterpart is Clyde (played by the very sexy Adam Scott). This Pac-Man villain named character is Gena’s high school boyfriend, who got her pregnant when she was fifteen (or sixteen) and he was eighteen. He never showed up to take her to her abortion appointment and she holds a grudge against him and the wedding is their first time seeing each other since “that thing”, as Gena puts it. 

And finally, airhead-Katie’s male counterpart is Joe (Kyle Bornheimer). Joe is an adorable tech-geek whose high-school crush on Katie lasts even after he talks to her and realizes that she isn’t very bright. He never wants to take advantage of her and wants to make her a better person, while she can’t even remember his name throughout the film’s events.

All of this is tied together with a wacky plots about fixing a ripped wedding dress. And there are some sappy, typical rom-com moments – Adam Scott’s mixtapes and singing, James Marsden’s “You want somebody to put you in your place” line, and Kyle Bornheimer’s “I didn’t want it to happen like this…do you even care that it’s with me” moment. And there are moments in this film that made me laugh, cry, and most importantly – want to re-evaluate my life. This movie is a weird one to try and describe and all I can say is – just watch it! 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.