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A Love Letter to New York Comic Con – 20 Oct 2012

20 Oct

So, as you all may (or may not) know, this past Thursday was my 20th birthday. So close…yet so far. You know what I’m talkin’ about! But anyway…to celebrate my 20th birthday, I attended New York City Comic Con  – or NYCC, as the cool kids like to call it. 

I threw on a cheap “traditional” Chinese jacket that I literally found on the ground and decided to cosplay a Custom Fighter from any fighting game. 

NYC was amazing and beautiful (if you looked past the mountains of garbage everywhere, seriously…what is that about?). And the con allowed me to get close to many fellow nerds and some of my favorite icons of the nerd culture. I heard Adam West’s voice from the man’s lips. In person. And I will cherish that moment forever

And the city itself is full of so much sexiness and fashion, it was almost too-much for my Rochester-native brain to handle. Seriously, I may have to find my boyfriend in New York.

The one thing I regret about my trip to NYC was the fact that I didn’t see the Statue of Liberty. That wasn’t my fault, though. My guide did not want to go at all.

I understand that this post was very…discombobulated…but in all honesty, this is the first time that I was able to describe the trip in more words than just “aaaaaaaaahhhh!”

– Kai xxx


Babe of the Week – Liam Neeson [10 October 2012]

10 Oct

It seems like every time I post on this blog, there’s some new thing I am going to start doing. Well, my newest new thing is the “Babe of the Week”. The Babe of the Week title goes to any man or woman who I’m crushing on hardcore in that particular week. I have a loooooong list of celebrities that I find extremely attractive, but there is a revolving door of celebs that are the light of my life and fire of my loins for a given time period.

The inaugural babe, of course, is Liam Neeson. It wasn’t an easy choice. I mean, The dream I had last night was about Daniel Craig. And I have been obsessing over Neeson and Craig equally. However, I know my lusty feelings for Daniel Craig will go through the roof once Skyfall comes out, so I will save him for that week.

Anywho, back to this^ sexy piece. Liam Neeson is what, 60? And I am only 19 (baby, I’ll be 20 in 8 days…) so there is about a 40 year age difference here. But let’s be real, I would take this man over any 22 year old. He is the ultimate badass and he sounds like Optimus Prime. His latest film, Taken 2, is euphoria for an unapologetic action film fan such as myself.

And there’s this…

Good GOD!

His film credits include playing my favorite Batman villain, Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, Hannibal in the A-Team film adaptation, and of course – the biggest badass of all – Bryan Mills in the Taken series.

Now, time for some friendly, terrible, puns…I sure am taken by Liam Neeson, I’d be taken my pants off if he’s ever around me, blah blah blah Taken blah blah blah I want to have sex with Liam Neeson.

Now, let’s all raise a pint of Guinness to the babe of the week – Liam Neeson!

File:Liam Neeson Deauville 2012.jpg

– Kai xxx

Five Songs I’m Digging Right Now – 09 October 2012

9 Oct

Hey Ladies!

I don’t have a new artist that I’m into this month. Honestly, I’ve been listening to mostly the Clash and Chevelle. However, there are five songs from different artists that I find quite catchy!

1. Alex Clare “Too Close” – Yes, this song does always end up reminding me of that one commercial. But it’s still so catchy! Also, this Alex Clare guy can actually sing. “Too Close” has crossover appeal and plays on the local pop stations, the alternative rock station, and I’m pretty sure it plays on the R&B station. Add that to the commercial and the fact that I listen to it on my own…I’m pretty sure I am listening to this song at least 20 hours a day. Always stuck in my head, and I still belt it out every time I hear it! Revel in the pop glory that is “Too Close”

2. The Lumineers “Ho Hey”. It’s very catchy, what can I say. And the lyrics – including lines such as “I belong with you, you belong you’re my sweetheart…” – tell a genuine love story that actually warms my icy heart unlike the “Call Me Maybe”s of the world that just make my heart freeze over. And the kind of folksy guitar is just…sweet. I love listening to this song while the sun is rising. Okay, I’m done being a pansy. Just listen to the fucking song.

3. Green Day “Oh Love”. What can I say? It’s fucking Green Day. I have always loved Green Day. I will continue to love Green Day until the end of time. It’s one of those songs that you just want to sing outloud and dance around your room. After you hear it, I dare you to go a day without belting out “Oh love! Oh loooooove! Won’t you rain on me toniiiiiiight?” Added bonus, the video is full of sexy girls and sexy Green Day.

4. Muse “Madness” Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-mad, mad, mad. ‘Nuff said.

5. Three Days Grace “Chalk Outline”. I am so glad that TDG is back. Hopefully, more and more hard rock bands keep coming back and new hard rock bands come out and it can be like the early 2000s again when hard rock was king, yeah? Oh, Adam Gontier, never leave me again.

Honorable mentions –

Flyleaf “New Horizons”

Wombats “Jump into the Fog”