Babe of the Week! [08 November 2012]

8 Nov

Hey there!

Since I have pretty much been slacking, I am going to do TWO BotW posts this week! So if they seem a little sped through, rushed, incomplete…well, they probably are!

To be quick and to the pointless, my first Babe of the Week is DANIEL CRAIG. *Applause*. I pretty much told you guys in my first Babe of the Week post – in which Liam Neeson became my inaugural Babe – that Danny boy would be my Babe the week of Skyfall‘s release. So, shame on you for being surprised!

Most nerds who are attracted to men probably have at least one Bond on their crush list. And how many people of all sexes have grown up wanting to be James Bond? He’s cool, fashionable, so sexual, has to best weapons, gets to use cool tech, and crashes Aston Martins for fun so he can drive a better one the next day. I mean, damn, baby boy is living the dream. When I was a little nerdlette, I would pretty much cry my eyes out if I didn’t get to be James Bond in the multiplayer of whatever Bond game my brother and I were playing at the moment. Pierce Brosnan was always the most attractive Bond to me…that is until I saw Casino Royale. Daniel Craig took Bond from Casanova to Solid Snake and still managed to be more sexy-fine than any Bond before him.


It doesn’t hurt that CR was – possibly – the best James Bond film of all time. And I can’t wait to see what Skyfall has to offer.

Yes, Craig is 44. But since when do I care about a little thing like a 24-year age difference?

– Kai xxx


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